PlayStation Gamer Masterpiece

Experience allowing users to immortalize themselves in their own painted masterpiece, complete with their favorite Playstation 4 characters, backgrounds and items. Entries were showcased in an online gallery space with the best being voted on and ranked by other users.

Client:  PlayStation    |    Agency:  BBH New York    |    Production: Resn    |    My Role: Site Design & Art Direction

Creating A Painting

Users had a choice between three historical paintings as a base of their custom artwork, including 'Washington Crossing the Delaware'. Each of the character positions in the artworks were replaced with multiple PlayStation character options. Backgrounds and additional items can be toggled on within the interface. 

Adding Yourself

Once you had customised your artwork, the last piece was to add youself into the composition. After selecting body and clothing types, the user uploaded their face using a variety of options. The image was then graded and colour filtered to match the painting. Multiple frame choices were available to add an extra personalisation.


The Gallery

User artwork was then displayed in the online gallery, with entries being shared and voted on to make it into the leaderboard. Top winners recieved a physical copy of their painting.

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