Selected Mobile

Milka Moodmatch

The Milka Moodmatch dedicated mobile experience uses facial analysis of users emotions to provide them with a fun way of selecting the chocolate that's right for them. FWA of the Day.

Client: Milka    |    Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam    |    Production: Resn    |    My Role: Site Design

GAP Play Your Stripes

The full desktop experience allowed users to physically play the stripes on their clothing using webcam detection. In a simplified version for mobile, users selected a clothing item and could play the stripes using an audio visualiser. FWA Mobile Site of the Day.

Client: GAP    |    Agency: Wieden+Kennedy New York    |    Production: Resn    |    My Role: Site Design & Art Direction

Google Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy was brought to life by Google in 2014 by having hundreds of people all across Russia take part in a live reading of the story. These readings were then brought together in a web experience. FWA Mobile Site of the Day.

Client: Google    |    Agency: SLAVA    |    Production: Resn    |    My Role: Site Design & Art Direction

New Zealand Masterchef Voting

While watching Masterchef viewers could vote on their favourite dishes and teams with the results broadcast live on the show.

Client: TV2    |    Production: Resn    |    My Role: Site Design