Self-Destructing Book

For the launch of James Patterson’s new book Private Vegas, 1000 lucky fans had the chance to read a digital copy in only 24 hours before it self destructed. The public could follow the readers’ progress in real time via an online hub, tracking their statistics and stealing time to heighten the tension.

Client:  James Patterson    |    Agency: Mother New York    |    Production: Resn    |    My Role: Site Design & Art Direction

Gain a Code to Unlock the Reading Experience

Unique codes were created and released in batches throughout the 5 days of the experience.

The Digital Self-Destructing Book

Story-related animations were added to parts of the book and a control panel displayed other book statistics.

Track Readers in Real Time Via The Hub

Readers and online users were connected in real-time via the hub. where online users could 'sabotage' readers' timers.

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